Giving Plastic Waste A Second Life

Plastic trash is collected, sorted and made locally in Singapore.

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What We Do? 

From Plastic Waste to Product.

We give plastic waste a second life by recreating them into useful plastic products. We do this by using the machine that we have engineered.

How It Is Made?

01 Collecting

First, we collect plastic which is made of PP and HDPE material (e.g. bottle caps and detergent bottle).

02 Sorting

Next, we sort the plastic according to its plastic type and colour

03 Cleaning

We then wash the bottles/containers throughly, removing the labels and chemicals in these containers.

04 Shredding

Next, we shred these plastic into smaller pieces.

05 Producing

These plastic pieces are then place into our machine which heats it up and mould them into plastic products. 

06 Assembling

Lastly, we conduct QC to ensure that there are no defects.

Recycled Plastic Products

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