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Ready To Help Turn The Tide On Ocean Pollution?



Just because you may be far away from the problem doesn't mean you can't do anything to help defeat ocean pollution.


There are many ways you can join the fight, from reducing your single use plastic usage to taking the initiative to pick up litter you find around from beaches. 

Scroll down to find out how you can do more to help to clear ocean waste and contribute to plugging it at the source. 





If you are an company, NGO, school or anyone that is concerned about ocean pollution, you can make a collective pledge to help fund the clearance of ocean waste. This will help us scale our operations to some of the most polluting rivers around South East Asia and educate surrounding communities to combat ocean pollution.


If your pledge is big enough, we can even dedicate your group as the sponsoring partner of an entire river! We also quantify the amount the waste you helped divert away from the ocean to also raise more awareness for ocean pollution. 

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You can make a one-off contribution to pull out 1kg of ocean waste for just $10. If you would like to clear more ocean pollution just reach out to us. We will even send you a picture of the waste you directly helped to clear!


Corporate Collaboration

Help Clear Ocean Pollution!

All Clear can help enable your organization to become Plastic Neutral!


Our Plastic Neutral program starts with an Plastic Audit to establish your organization’s total plastic footprint.


Next, we propose a plastic reduction strategy that helps you reduce your plastic consumption in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Develop Goals.  

Finally, we can help offset your plastic footprint by clearing ocean pollution using our own specialized ocean clean-up vessels. This will directly help fund the clean up of ocean pollution and plugging it at the source of it all - rivers. 



internal assessment


Plastic Reduction Strategy



Offset Program

Join Us On A Plastic Fishing Tour

The perfect CSR or Team Building activity. We have run successful offshore clean up events for various companies in Singapore including Capella Hotel! 

If you would like to know more, please reach out. 

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We will offset your plastic!

Plastic offset is a transformational way for us to be accountable for the plastic that is unavoidable in our lives. All Clear can help you offset your plastic footprint, which will directly fund the clean-up of ocean pollution - directly from the water! 

Actions like these are all part of our transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Let's take simple step at a time and pace it together! Check out our guide on the right for more information on how to start integrating sustainable changes in your life!

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