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 We clear large volumes of marine debris and ocean pollution through efficient, adaptable clean-up solutions to any offshore location


ALL CLEAR is a movement created by a partnership of eco-innovators dedicated to accelerate action against ocean plastic pollution. We collaborate on projects that address major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem on our planet. So much more can be done if we work together as a single movement for our planet.

"We are in reach of a whole new relationship with the ocean, a wiser, more sustainable relationship. The choice lies with us."


Sir David Attenborough

We live in a time where it is nearly impossible to get away from products or services that harm the environment around us. As a society, we are incessantly consuming more and more, inadvertently incentivising corporations to pollute more to give us what we want. Our choices as a society have impacted our planet to a devastating degree.


We have been aware of the problem for years and have been looking at world leaders to make bold decisions to solve our problems and to a large part they have.  However the solutions being deployed in policy, incentives, enforcement, etc. are not as effective as they need and we are still creating more pollution than we are removing.

This is why we set out to create All Clear - to enable individuals and organisations to accelerate change against plastic pollution and protect our oceans

Our founder, Mark and Paul, have been around the ocean their entire lives and have a strong passion for its preservation. Mark is an expert in offshore cleanups and currently leads TSS, a company that has been keeping the waters around Singapore clean for over 20 years. He brings years of success deploying innovative solutions to ensure the waters around Singapore are kept clear of pollution. Around late-2018, Mark brought Paul along to witness the aftermath of plastic pollution brought over by the Northeast monsoon in Singapore. Amazed by the sheer volume TSS was able to clear in such a short time, Paul - being an eco-warrior at heart - knew this was something unique that needed to be shared with the world. With his wide network of eco-influencers, he knew we could change the tide on plastic pollution. 


And so together, in late 2019, Mark and Paul decided to set up All Clear, a social enterprise that combines the ocean clean-up power of TSS with the awareness Paul’s network of eco-influencers can bring to fight against ocean pollution. 

Equipped with a fleet of specialised cleanup vessels, All Clear aims to work hand-in-hand with individuals and organizations passionate about plastic pollution and connect them with our ongoing initiatives to help places plagued with plastic pollution. 


At All Clear we strongly believe to solve the challenge we really need to look at the root of the problem, such as the lack of proper waste management infrastructure around these communities plagued with plastic. This is why we have set out to empower these rural, inland communities with the tools they need to change how they discard their waste. By providing them with the capability to turn their plastic waste into something useful for them, the plastic waste gets a chance at a second life and increases the likelihood of sustainably changing their behaviours.

“Plastic pollution is a full-time problem that requires a full-time solution"


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